We’ve Got Magic to Do (LITERALLY)



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Well… Nothing like a sensible bitch slap to remind you that the last month was really just one step in a very long journey!


“It has come to our attention that casting notices for a new SET Agreement production of “Pippin” will be announced shortly. As required for all touring contracts, the producers must submit detailed financial information, including itineraries and guarantees, in order to qualify for a SET Agreement. AEA thoroughly reviews and verifies this information, and then actively monitors the show’s financials and itinerary each week. AEA conducts comprehensive audits when there is any indication information is not being reported accurately.”


Honestly, I love AEA’s pro-activeness, but I feel this statement was posted to deter me from writing a blog about it and — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I mean it must be THROWBACK THURSDAY to last month’s Kinky Boo!-ts & Boo!-ts: The Future of TouringLike, we thought hit shows going out on tiered PRODUCTION CONTRACTS was bad? LOL. Pippin is going out on a SET AGREEMENT! There isn’t any SET. That show literally takes place in a TENT! Where are they going to find acrobats who are willing to risk their lives for that wage? A four-year-old’s carnival themed birthday party? Instead of jumping through hoops are they going to hula-hoop? Will the death-defying stunts be replaced by dancers juggling Hacky Sacks? Well, wait, you know… I might actually want to see that shit…

But seriously, I was considering going down to the Music Box Theatre and following through with that “big finale” by incinerating myself in flames. But then I was like, Times Square is crowded with all that football shit. At this point, getting both literally and figuratively fired up about this subject is really just wasting a lot of good emotion that I should be saving for all of my callbacks!

Look… I’m not going to knock any producer for following the rules and sending out productions on tiers for which they qualify. So, I challenge us to keep this rockin’ positive momentum rollin’ by signing up for a committee, running for council, and getting as educated as possible before the next Production Contract and SETA negotiations begin, or the inevitable SETA Category 9 tours of Rocky and Bullets Over Broadway go out.

We’ve got magic to do. Just for US.

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