We Can ALL Be The Champion


This weekend, Hillary Clinton made an announcement that she would make an announcement about an announcement announcing her announcement to run for President of the United States. All announcements were met with viral fanfare, both positive in negative. This week, Actors’ Equity Association dropped a ballot in our inbox that gave us the opportunity to exercise our right as union members and vote for who we’d like to see as President (as well as on council) and it was met with bored crickets fresh from a performance of [INSERT SHOW TITLE THAT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND NOT WRITE ME HATE COMMENTS].

In the last year and a half, I have seen members get fired up over different subjects and join together in a call for action. In 2014, we fought for better touring agreements and were given a town hall to voice our opinions and start a dialogue with union leaders. It was incredible to watch. However, when elections came around a few months later, the passion had subsided and we had like the worst voter turnout ever. This needs to change.

The past few months have been focused on a heated debate regarding the 99-Seat Theatre Plan. I’m not so much concerned with where you stand on the subject, just as long as you stand somewhere. We are a union. We are the union. We should use the fire burning off this recent contract dispute to our advantage, instead of letting it fizzle like last year. The first and easiest step to leveraging all this excitement is by getting involved and voting.

REMEMBER: The true Annoying Actor Friend is the one who vents about the issues, but never attends a meeting, serves on a committee, or votes in union elections.

Our union doesn’t need just one champion. We all need to be the champion.

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