I am simply over the moon to be in the run for a prestigious Shorty Award (AGAIN). For those who don’t know, The Shorty Awards, also known as the Shorties, are an awards event that honors excellence in social media. It’s like the Tonys of social media! Last year I campaigned harder than Anne Hathaway and missed an official nomination by six votes… I am more than ready to alienate all my new followers by trying again!

I have been placed in the “fake account” category. I am not sure why I am in this category, because I hate fake people. Alas, the Annoying Actor Friend laws of #ShamelessSelfPromotion dictate that I must run with this incredible honor.

2013 was a big year for Annoying Actor Friend. There were endless Smash recaps (SMASH Don’t Give a Shit!), a debut book (#SOBLESSED: the Annoying Actor Friend’s Guide to Werking in Show Business), and probably the largest movement of actors coming together since George M. Cohan said, “I will drive an elevator for a living before I will do business with any actors’ union.” (THIS. THIS. AND THIS.) All of those accomplishments were possible because of social media, so if there were any year when @Actor_Friend qualified for a Shorty Award, it was 2013!

Nominating ends on February 18th, so PLEASE VOTE for me by tweeting “I nominate @Actor_Friend for a Shorty Award in #fakeaccount because…” and then explain why! Votes must have a reason after the because or they won’t count. If your reason includes a hashtag, it might not register. Retweets don’t count either. I know there are a lot of rules, but unlike Kickstarter, this doesn’t cost you any money! Just a little bit of dignity.

I am #SoBlessed to have such amazing friends. Thank you for voting for me!


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