An Open Letter to the People with the Dollars


Dear Broadway Investors, Theatre Owners, Producers, and Money People,

Man, it is one cold ass January, ain’t it? Happy 2015. Hold on to your butts. Shows be disappearing faster than Twitter followers after a Negative-Idina-Menzel-Performance-at-the-Ball-Drop tweet. Stay strong. Don’t let this deter you. Spring will come again.

Nobody has ever mastered the art of making a hit. If we had, everything would be a hit. Jordan Roth and Jujamcyn have come close, but haven’t fully succeeded because the St. James*.

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution for you is this: follow your heart when considering your next project.

I’m not saying you haven’t in the past, I’m just concerned you won’t in the future. Keep moving the art of theatre forward. Invest in what makes YOU laugh, or cry, or want to dance. Ask yourself, “Would I buy a premium priced orchestra seat ticket to this?” “Would I want to see this without the celebrity names attached?” “Does this remind me why I love theatre?”

Listen to yourself. 

I realize this is all pretty easy for me to say because I’m not the one with the dollars. However, as an actor, I understand what it’s like to waste a lot of time and heartbreak trying to be what I think I’m supposed to be, instead of not giving a shit and trusting that I can be the next big thing.

This brings me back to producing with your heart. Bring shows to Broadway that you want to see. Don’t bring them because you think the New York Times will like it. Don’t bring them just because the New York Times liked it. Hell, I’m pretty sure Ben Brantley and Charles Isherwood have an annual luncheon at Cafe Edison (or I guess, Buffalo Wild Wings now?) where they list all the shows playing out of town and say shit like, “So, what do you want to see on Broadway next year?” They know a rave will almost certainly bring a show in, and a pan will kill it. We’ve allowed the New York Times to dictate our seasons. This is where their power is now. You should take that power back.

Thank you for your time and please hire me.

Theatrically Yours,


*Something Rotten could change this, which I guess means Jordan Roth went to Hogwarts.


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