An Exciting First Look at #GRATEFUL

In honor of the new book I am working on, my intern wrote this wonderful piece that I swear I didn’t force her to write! Thanks, Blessedterns!





Written by Blessedterns, Official Intern for Annoying Actor Friend

If a common thread exists in the career of every artist, it’s this: Nothing is certain, and, as Annoying Actor Friend says, “the shoe can drop at any moment.” So, what should any self-respecting actor do, whether she’s replacing a current Elphaba, or selling lipstick to the current Glinda? Remain #GRATEFUL, of course! And who better to teach us all how to channel “Everything Happens for a Reason” with Sierra Boggess consistency, than the most #Grateful, forever #SoBlessed, Annoying Actor Friend?

Following their SMASH-hit #SOBLESSED: the Annoying Actor Friend’s Guide to Werking in Show Business, AAF takes readers on the next step along the yellow brick road of working and werking in show business:

“The subtitle to #GRATEFUL is ‘Everything Happens for a Reason.’ That’s a fairly standard statement that actors love to throw out when things don’t go their way—and even more so when they do go their way,” says AAF.

How does an actor achieve being #GRATEFUL, in addition to being #SOBLESSED? AAF says that, “The #SOBLESSED actor isn’t aware of strife or work ethic. They focus only on the great things that happen to them, and not so much on the how or why. The #GRATEFUL actor understands what they had to go through to get where they are.”

Speaking on his/her inspiration for #GRATEFUL: “I think that in a career that’s so steeped in fear over your own life choices, what’s better than taking a break from it all with a book that causes extreme anxiety about that? But seriously, I thought it would be fun to write and hopefully fun to read. It allows me to break form a little bit and play more with being random.”

#SOBLESSED told you which college to attend and how to file unemployment, but what about the hundreds of choices in between? With #GRATEFUL, you’ll have the chance to make all of these choices from the safety of your couch: “There are four main trajectories that branch into hundreds of potential paths — I may be in over my head. The reader gets to choose their way through anything from auditioning for a Broadway show to moving to LA for pilot season.”

So, whether your real life finds you on Broadway, performing as Elsa at birthday parties (#SurvivalJobs), or sitting in Kansas flipping-along-with-the-Pippins-Matildas-Kinkys-and-Mormonses, #GRATEFUL gives you the chance to create the career that your vision board has always dreamed of having. And don’t worry, AAF won’t leave you alone! “I am your cheerleader. And like any good friend, I judge many of your choices along the way.”

Can’t wait for #GRATEFUL’s release? Make sure you catch up by reading (or rereading!) #SOBLESSED; as a true sequel, #GRATEFUL picks up right where the #SOBLESSED protagonist left off: smack in the middle of New York City, where anything is possible.

Don’t become the guy who complains about being in Wicked; this year, sit back, grab an Ana Vargas-sized glass of wine (sparkling for those of you too young to understand that reference) and take a break from the anxieties of show business, Annoying Actor Friend style.


#GRATEFUL: Everything Happens for a Reason will be available on Amazon later in 2015. Blessedterns was created and is maintained by Ashlee Latimer.

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