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27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the 2015 TONY AWARDS


1.) Kristin Chenowerth is hosting.

2.) Kristin Chenowerth was in Wicked

3.) I like Wicked.

4.) I also like the Tonys.

5.) Except when Wicked lost.


7.) Congratulations, Hand to God.

8.) because of a lack of expertise among Tony voters in assessing elements such as “words,” they have decided to eliminate Best Book.

9.) Audra has three 2015 Tony Awards.

10.) The Tonys were named after Antoinette Perry, grandmother of Katy Perry.

11.) Katy Perry does not have a Tony.

12.) Yet.

13.) Hamilton won.

87.) Because it was based on Wicked.

14.) and Wicked always wins.

14b.) Except in 2004.

32.) When it lost.

15.) To PUPPETS.

16.) because a lot of Tony voters get confused paying attention in theaters, they have decided to eliminate winners.

16.) Does this dress make me look fat Ana Wintour

17.) I will be at the Tony Awards.

18.) or will I…?

43.) Tony Danza.

19.) If An American in Paris wins it’ll be the 14th time the Gershwins have won a Tony for best musical since dying.

20.) I would die for a Tony.

21.) You could murder me right now in Shubert Alley in front of the Matilda lottery.

22.) What I Did for Love.

23.) ugh that chorus line documentary

44.) because most of the Tony voters forgot to see the shows, they have decided to eliminate YOU.

24.) Let’s talk about the ELEVEN YEAR OLD WHO IS NOMINATED.

25.) jk im not a monster.

26.) but really it makes me feel bad about myself.

26.) And Fat.

27.) guys remember Serial


27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the WICKED 1ST NATIONAL TOUR


1. It was based on the Broadway musical Wicked.

2. It was the first national tour ever.

3. It went around to towns.

4. The tour made 9 billion dollars.

5. Stephen Schwartz made 10 billion dollars.

6. I have 10 dollars.

7. Because I have never been in Wicked.

8. Megan Hilty was in Wicked.

9. She was one of the witches.

10. She was not a witch on Smash.

11. Ugly Betty was on an episode of Wicked.

12. Eden Espinosa was on it, to.

13. She was also in Brooklyn.

14. I have been to Brooklyn.

15. There are a lot of beards in Brooklyn.

16. Elphaba is Fiyero’s beard.

17. Ugly Betty would have loved Smash.

18. Many people were on the road with Wicked.

19. And many people from the road slept with people in Wicked.

42. My friend Lisa is such a Shen-Shen where can she submit herself?

20. Stephanie J. Block was the first Elphaba ever.

21. I wonder if the Stephanie Block who registered her name with Equity first is still alive.

22. Stephanie J. Block has a husband who was on House of Cards.

23. House of Cards was made famous on Netflix because of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

24. I know Tituss Burgess.

25. Tituss Burgess has never played Elphaba.

26. Why.

27. Robert Durst is the new Adnan Syed.

27 Facts You Didn’t Know About AARON TVEIT – Valentine’s Day Edition



1.) His name is Aaron Tveit.

2.) The “V” is silent.

3.) He is on “Graceland.”

4.) I have never seen “Graceland.”

5.) But I have been to Graceland.

6.) All I remember is the Jungle Room.

7.) Elvis lived in Graceland.

8.) Elvis never saw Wicked.

9.) Aaron Tveit was in Wicked.

10.) He was not Boq.

11.) I don’t know who was Boq.

12.) I only know a few Boqs.

13.) So many Boqs.

14.) “Aaron” is the only name to start with two “A’s.”

38.) “I” before “E,” except unless you’re Aaron Tveit.

15.) Aaron Tveit knows Anne Hathaway.

16.) Anne Hathaway knows Julie Andrews.

17.) Julie Andrews knows how to do a British accent.

18.) What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

19.) I have two shows.

20.) Aaron Tveit has been in at least two Broadway shows.

21.) Next to NormalCatch Me if You Can, and Altar Boyz.

22.) I think Altar Boyz.

23.) That may have been Kyle Dean Massey.

24.) Aaron Tveit is Kyle Dean Massey.

25.) Have you ever seen them in the same place?

26.) Kyle Dean Massey is doing “Nashville.”

42.) With Laura Benanti.

43.) From SMASH.

27.) Adnan is getting another appeal.


27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the WICKED Movie


1.) It will be filmed.

2.) There will be a premiere and a party after.

3.) It will still be about witches.

4.) It will be based on the musical Wicked.

5.) The musical Wicked starred Idina Menzel.


7.) People will hate the casting.

8.) There is an 87% chance Anna Kendrick will see this movie.

9.) I like Wicked.

10.) I like movies.

11.) Did you see The Wedding Ringer?

12.) It’s like The Weddings Singer but with an R.

13.) The Wedding Singer was on Broadway at the same time as Wicked.

14.) And then it wasn’t.

15.) Laura Benanti was in The Wedding Singer.

16.) She has not been in Wicked.

17.) Yet.

18.) The first Academy Awards were presented in 1929 at a private dinner of about 270 people. It was first televised in 1953, and now the Oscars ceremony can be seen in about 196 countries.

19.) Wicked can be seen in more than 300 countries.

34.) How is your 2015 so far?

-12.) They put a new brunch place in by my apartment.

20.) The food is just OK, but they have a good happy hour.

21.) You know where they have a GREAT happy hour?

22.) At Wicked.

23.) Because every hour of Wicked is happy.

23a.) Just kidding, nothing’s on sale at Wicked.

24.) And they’re going to make a movie of it.

25.) Because Wicked needs more dollars.

26.) I’m broke. Are there openings for any Shen-Shen/Morrible cover tracks?

27.) Serial got more interesting after the finale.

27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the INTO THE WOODS Movie


1.) It is about woods.

2.) People go into them.

3.) There is a witch in the woods.

4.) There are witches in Wicked.

5.) These are not the same witches.

6.) Bernadette Peters was one of the witches.

7.) Meryl Streep is the movie one of the witches.

8.) I don’t know if Meryl Streep or Bernadette Peters has seen Wicked.

9.) I like Wicked.

10.) I also like Into the Woods.

11.) Don’t fuck with Into the Woods.

12.) You hear that, Rob Marshall?

13.) I saw the first ten minutes of Nine.

14.) Rob Marshall also directed Chicago.

15.) When I was nine.

16.) Laura Benanti did Into the Woods.

17.) She is not in the movie.

18.) She IS in eight episodes of Royal Pains.

19.) I saw the movie.

20.) I saw it before you.

21.) Everyone saw it before you.

22.) My brother who does sports saw this movie before you.

23.) The slotted spoon can catch the potato.

24.) I like potatoes when you roast them in rosemary.


26.) One time I saw Stephen Sondheim at the Applebee’s in Times Square.

27.) I’m starting to wonder if maybe Adnan did do it.

27 Facts You Didn’t Know About WICKED


1.) It is about witches.

2.) The witches were also in The Wizard of Oz.

3.) Idina Menzel was one of the witches.

4.) Kristin Chenowerth was the other one of the witches.

5.) It is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

6.) They say the title in the play un-ironically.

7.) More than once.


9.) Stephen Schwartz also wrote Pippin.

10.) Stephen Schwartz is the composer.

10.) What happened to Wayne Cilantro?

11.) I like Wicked.

12.) People who like Wicked also like Frozen.

13.) Have you seen Frozen?

14.) The girl from Frozen and Wicked also did Rent.

15.) Taye Diggs follows me on Twitter.

16.) Remember when Stella got her groove back?

17.) STELLA!

18.) You say you are going to leave Wicked but YOU ALWAYS GO BACK.

19.) What are your thoughts about the conflicts overseas?

20.) London is also overseas.

21.) Wicked is currently playing in the West End of London.

22.) Julie Andrews is from overseas, London area.

23.) Julie Andrews does not have a Tony.

24.) I am not sure if Julie Andrews has ever seen Wicked.

25.) I have seen Wicked.

26.) Can you please pass the ketchup?

27.) I can’t believe it is already 2015.

34.) The following people have not played Elphaba yet:

  • Audra
  • benanti
  • Kristin Chenowerth
  • Jen Cody
  • Karen from Smash
  • Julie Andrews
  • Taye Diggs
  • me

1.) Broadway could use more women.

27.) I don’t think Adnan did it.