#ACT2014: Actors Coming Together



I want to thank President Nick Wyman, and everyone over at Actors’ Equity Association for listening to our outcry regarding the state of national touring contracts by devoting an entire town hall meeting to the subject on January 27th.  #WERK. Magic happens when you demand it. We more than SECRETed the shit out of that! Bravo, Awaresies. Bravo.

I still encourage everyone to attend the Eastern Regional Membership Meeting on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 2pm in the Council Room on the 14th Floor of the Equity Building, 165 West 46th Street, New York.

This is how the January 10th meeting is projected to go down…

The agenda will include:
• Presentation of the St. Clair Bayfield Award (#werk and congrats to whoever won that!)
• Presentation of the Joe A. Callaway Award (you better #werk, too!)
• Report of the Eastern Regional Director (Thomas Carpenter.)
• Report of the Eastern Regional Vice President (Melissa Robinette, who is expected to give a report on national tours.)
• Membership Discussion Period in accordance with the
By-Laws (This means we get 15 minutes of discussion time per a subject.)

While the official town hall meeting devoted to national tours is nearly a month away, the conversation will begin at this meeting on January 10th. There’s no denying that. It will most likely be covered in a report by our Eastern Regional Vice President and we should all be there to listen and respond. For fifteen minutes we will get to talk about that. Then we can move to another subject.

EQUITY (n.) the quality of being fair and impartial.

Now is the time to prove that we aren’t a bunch of bitter actors who sit around and bitch without doing anything. No more will you have to listen to that REALLY Annoying Actor Friend who repeatedly bemoans, “Well, have YOU ever gone to a meeting?! Stop complaining!” You can finally say, “Yes! I’ve been to a meeting! I went to that one where the entire community came together and made history. That frigid-ass Friday in January when hundreds of actors lined the hallways at the Equity Building and demanded more from our representatives. I was at that meeting. And I went to the next one. And the one after that. And it was fucking awesome.”

This is a time for us to stand proud and show the union that we care. That we are willing to talk, learn, listen, and whatever else it takes to make Actors’ Equity Association better.

I invite every actor to come together on January 10th, 2014 and be the greatness we know our union can be.


Change your profile picture to the #ACT2014 logo in support of the January 10th meeting!


  1. Lynda Lavin

    Thank you for your efforts. You’ve managed to put into words the fustration of a lot of members. This meeting is a start.

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