27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the WICKED 1ST NATIONAL TOUR


1. It was based on the Broadway musical Wicked.

2. It was the first national tour ever.

3. It went around to towns.

4. The tour made 9 billion dollars.

5. Stephen Schwartz made 10 billion dollars.

6. I have 10 dollars.

7. Because I have never been in Wicked.

8. Megan Hilty was in Wicked.

9. She was one of the witches.

10. She was not a witch on Smash.

11. Ugly Betty was on an episode of Wicked.

12. Eden Espinosa was on it, to.

13. She was also in Brooklyn.

14. I have been to Brooklyn.

15. There are a lot of beards in Brooklyn.

16. Elphaba is Fiyero’s beard.

17. Ugly Betty would have loved Smash.

18. Many people were on the road with Wicked.

19. And many people from the road slept with people in Wicked.

42. My friend Lisa is such a Shen-Shen where can she submit herself?

20. Stephanie J. Block was the first Elphaba ever.

21. I wonder if the Stephanie Block who registered her name with Equity first is still alive.

22. Stephanie J. Block has a husband who was on House of Cards.

23. House of Cards was made famous on Netflix because of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

24. I know Tituss Burgess.

25. Tituss Burgess has never played Elphaba.

26. Why.

27. Robert Durst is the new Adnan Syed.

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