27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the INTO THE WOODS Movie


1.) It is about woods.

2.) People go into them.

3.) There is a witch in the woods.

4.) There are witches in Wicked.

5.) These are not the same witches.

6.) Bernadette Peters was one of the witches.

7.) Meryl Streep is the movie one of the witches.

8.) I don’t know if Meryl Streep or Bernadette Peters has seen Wicked.

9.) I like Wicked.

10.) I also like Into the Woods.

11.) Don’t fuck with Into the Woods.

12.) You hear that, Rob Marshall?

13.) I saw the first ten minutes of Nine.

14.) Rob Marshall also directed Chicago.

15.) When I was nine.

16.) Laura Benanti did Into the Woods.

17.) She is not in the movie.

18.) She IS in eight episodes of Royal Pains.

19.) I saw the movie.

20.) I saw it before you.

21.) Everyone saw it before you.

22.) My brother who does sports saw this movie before you.

23.) The slotted spoon can catch the potato.

24.) I like potatoes when you roast them in rosemary.


26.) One time I saw Stephen Sondheim at the Applebee’s in Times Square.

27.) I’m starting to wonder if maybe Adnan did do it.

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