27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the 2015 TONY AWARDS


1.) Kristin Chenowerth is hosting.

2.) Kristin Chenowerth was in Wicked

3.) I like Wicked.

4.) I also like the Tonys.

5.) Except when Wicked lost.


7.) Congratulations, Hand to God.

8.) because of a lack of expertise among Tony voters in assessing elements such as “words,” they have decided to eliminate Best Book.

9.) Audra has three 2015 Tony Awards.

10.) The Tonys were named after Antoinette Perry, grandmother of Katy Perry.

11.) Katy Perry does not have a Tony.

12.) Yet.

13.) Hamilton won.

87.) Because it was based on Wicked.

14.) and Wicked always wins.

14b.) Except in 2004.

32.) When it lost.

15.) To PUPPETS.

16.) because a lot of Tony voters get confused paying attention in theaters, they have decided to eliminate winners.

16.) Does this dress make me look fat Ana Wintour

17.) I will be at the Tony Awards.

18.) or will I…?

43.) Tony Danza.

19.) If An American in Paris wins it’ll be the 14th time the Gershwins have won a Tony for best musical since dying.

20.) I would die for a Tony.

21.) You could murder me right now in Shubert Alley in front of the Matilda lottery.

22.) What I Did for Love.

23.) ugh that chorus line documentary

44.) because most of the Tony voters forgot to see the shows, they have decided to eliminate YOU.

24.) Let’s talk about the ELEVEN YEAR OLD WHO IS NOMINATED.

25.) jk im not a monster.

26.) but really it makes me feel bad about myself.

26.) And Fat.

27.) guys remember Serial


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