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#UNSEENBROADWAY: The Missing Ladies of Theatre


A Broadway show has a lot of ladies. The leading ladies. The supporting ladies. The Ensemblist ladies. They are written into the script. They’re required to be there. But what about the ladies who make the show exist? These are the ones who remain unseen to the public, and given the current ratio of men to women, barely exist.

The recent inspired rant over at The Craptacular holds a rather large spotlight up to a Broadway landscape, severely lacking in women on the creative side. We have plenty of divas on stage, but when it comes to those who sit behind the table, women were actually better represented on Smash. In fact, the most unbelievable part of Birdman is that the head critic for the New York Times is a woman. The Broadway we show outsiders paints a rather unrealistic picture. One we should be hanging up and aspiring to emulate.

That’s not to say the current creative women of Broadway aren’t thriving themselves. Stroman. Paulus. Ahrens. Pam MacKinnon. Daryl Roth. Tara Rubin. Etc. These are incredible minds that only prove we need more like them.

I don’t know who The Powers That Be are. If I did, I’d be one. The best thing we can do is put it out there and hope someone hears us. That’s why I’d like to start a feature series highlighting some of Broadway’s unseen directors, choreographers, writers, producers, etc. Women who, for whatever reason, have not quite had their due. I want you to help me.

So Tweet me. E-mail me. Comment on this blog. Messenger pigeon if you must. Use the hashtag #UnseenBroadway. Who should we be looking at? I’ve got plenty of ideas, and I want yours, too.

This experiment is also great, because the more women we feature, the better the chances are that one of them will hire me!

Theatrically Yours,



Guide to the Golden Globes

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 6.01.00 PM

I’m really excited to watch the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler show tonight. ONE PROBLEM. I haven’t paid my SAG dues and didn’t receive any screeners. So, I’m really worried I won’t get any of the jokes.

If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t fret! I’m really good at deciphering plot-lines based solely on their titles.


The Imitation Game – That thing where your director gets up during rehearsal and says, “Let me be you.”

The Theory of Everything – One man’s journey to discover what makes something go from being liked, to being everything.

Nightcrawler – Alan Cumming’s highly anticipated X-Men spinoff.

Cake – A brave documentary following a group of dancers after Broadway Bares.

Still Alice – The movie adaptation of all those A… My Name is Alice song cycles. I think. I’m sure of this. Remember those?

Boyhood – The story of Andy Mientus’ Twitter account.

Wild – A documentary on spacial unawareness.

Pride – The first movie to ever be adapted from a Facebook status.

Gone Girl – The inspiring true story of a girl who quits her Broadway show because she’s bored, and heads out in search of something better.

Big Eyes – One time I was told this was a #ReasonsIDidntBookIt.

Birdman – Like Smash, but with explosions and flying — so more realistic.

Into the Woods – No clue.

27 Facts You Didn’t Know About the WICKED Movie


1.) It will be filmed.

2.) There will be a premiere and a party after.

3.) It will still be about witches.

4.) It will be based on the musical Wicked.

5.) The musical Wicked starred Idina Menzel.


7.) People will hate the casting.

8.) There is an 87% chance Anna Kendrick will see this movie.

9.) I like Wicked.

10.) I like movies.

11.) Did you see The Wedding Ringer?

12.) It’s like The Weddings Singer but with an R.

13.) The Wedding Singer was on Broadway at the same time as Wicked.

14.) And then it wasn’t.

15.) Laura Benanti was in The Wedding Singer.

16.) She has not been in Wicked.

17.) Yet.

18.) The first Academy Awards were presented in 1929 at a private dinner of about 270 people. It was first televised in 1953, and now the Oscars ceremony can be seen in about 196 countries.

19.) Wicked can be seen in more than 300 countries.

34.) How is your 2015 so far?

-12.) They put a new brunch place in by my apartment.

20.) The food is just OK, but they have a good happy hour.

21.) You know where they have a GREAT happy hour?

22.) At Wicked.

23.) Because every hour of Wicked is happy.

23a.) Just kidding, nothing’s on sale at Wicked.

24.) And they’re going to make a movie of it.

25.) Because Wicked needs more dollars.

26.) I’m broke. Are there openings for any Shen-Shen/Morrible cover tracks?

27.) Serial got more interesting after the finale.